Our Founders: Dusty & Heather Otis

How One City Started

During a 2017 visit to Detroit, Dusty and Heather experienced multiple cities, all different from each other, but all Detroit. After a weeks stay and some real conversations they went back to Oklahoma with heavy hearts for our city.

Over the next few months, they fell in love with the opportunity to bring life and add value to Old Detroit and began to dream about what a united city would look like. In 2018 they moved their family to Detroit and started One City, a compassion-driven non-profit organization focused on uniting Detroit.

Dusty and Heather have been married for 12 years and have 3 awesome kids. Their dream is to see Detroit become what it was meant to be — One City, and they are committed to uniting Detroit so we can move forward together. #C1TY #UniteDetroit #ForOneDetroit


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